Our Expertise

‘We are here to announce your presence to the world, loud and clear.’ That’s our job. Our motto being “Positively Possible.”

Corporate Management
A good corporate reputation is a complex and multi-layered concept as well as an intangible asset of high value. Consumers and various stakeholders today are very receptive to a brands’ value in the market. Reputations are made by how stakeholders perceive the brand. The irony of corporate reputation is that while stakeholders are the ones perceiving it, they are also the ones shaping it. So, building corporate reputation is imperative to achieving business goals and staying competitive. We facilitate the right level of expertise and personnel guiding to build a positive business reputation across each layer of your businesses’ presence in media and the market, thereby aligning your strengths with endless business opportunities, growth in profit, boost in employee morale, and community goodwill.
Public Relations
Within a small span of time, DPC has established itself as a strong player among the PR firms not just in Kochi or Kerala but also in the entire country. We have the unwavering attention of the A-list media in the country. We leverage our media relationships that are essential to your business objectives, to deliver your dreams to the world, effectively. DPC helps distinguish your brand in an ocean of indiscernible offerings, by building customer-centric campaigns. We ensure that our result-driven marketing campaigns and product strategies crafted for your business goals, will resonate with your core demographic.
Crisis Communication
DPC specialises in managing high profile issues and crisis management for corporates and individuals faced with unanticipated challenges in their world of business. We have a proven track record for protecting both tangible and intangible assets of our esteemed clients. The prolific experience of our team of crisis managers in damage control and effective post crisis strategies, ensure that the issues are resolved at the earliest, with least impact on your brands’ reputation and value. Our clients trust our expert counsel and appreciate the confidentiality maintained in handling their communications. At DPC, the key to crisis management is preparedness and, on the feet thinking.
Mediation & Litigation
Image Building or Personal branding is a practice of positioning an individual as a brand. It is an ongoing process of developing and maintaining the reputation. Irrespective of the sector you work in, DPC has the expertise to create a personal branding strategy to take your reputation from relative obscurity to high visibility. We at DPC, can streamline your communications, be it traditional or digital and create an organized communication guideline that will assist you in building a distinct identity. DPC has been equipped to counsel and curate a positive aura for its clients which translates into substantial growth in terms of success.
Public Affairs
As the political environment keeps evolving, companies today need to change their approach to policy advocacy. More than just quick fixes, policy advocacy needs to be more structured and research-based. In order to change minds and influence decisions, we work for your brand by providing Media Relations services, political intelligence and strategic advice. We help clients shape their policies, in order to navigate the mandates of governments and to bond with the community. The solutions we provide draw on our creativity, media influence and communication expertise to ensure that our clients achieve above and beyond the targets set out for themselves.
Content Creation
Good content is an inevitable part of any business today and with so much content being created everyday, it has become harder to stand out. That is why we create quality content backed by adequate PR, ensuring that the content is seen by the potential customers. We work closely with our clients to develop a distinct voice aligned with their brands’ values and create compelling and customised content to reach their customers. We specialize in creating content for both online and traditional media. Profiles, brand stories, press releases…you name it, we excel in it. In addition to that, DPC also publishes books, newsletters, customised content and coffee table books.
Digital Media
Digital storytelling is the communication trend that PR practitioners believe will dominate in the coming years. Social Media Marketing is used as an extension of PR services where conversations online are monitored and influenced for desired results. It is a crucial and elaborate process that requires meticulous research and planning. We work tirelessly to help our clients leverage the Social Media platform in its entirety, for emboldened online presence and heightening visibility. We position new brands and reposition existing brands by building highly targeted marketing campaigns across the Social Media platforms. DPC develops, manages and monitors Social Media pages, after carefully researching your audience to drive maximum traffic and response.
Due Diligence
At DPC, we believe that business transactions that are subjected to a comprehensive Due Diligence process, prove to be highly successful. That is why we assist our clients in conducting due diligence to assess the credibility of potential business partners and associates, before entering into major transactions. Our Due Diligence reports provide comprehensive background information on organizations, including risk/reward profile and unbiased business intelligence for proposed transactions like Mergers & Acquisitions, Joint ventures, Pre-IPO, regulatory/legal compliance, share transfer, commercial leases…to name a few. Remember, we have your best interests at heart. Our Key differentiators being ethically sourced information, quick processing time and expansive coverage of risk factors.
Corporate Management
Maintaining a positive image and remaining in public memory is quite a challenge, one that DPC is expert at handling consistently.  Ruling party or opposition, there are always attempts to malign one’s reputation and a constant fear of impending crisis. Also, during an electoral campaign it is imperative that politician’s voices and their work is registered among the public. We at DPC have a dedicated team that uses its research, experience and nationwide media connections to plan and build a positive political image, handle any possible crisis and establish a solid communication with the public. We curate campaigns according to our client’s repertoire.